Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Event: Hollywood Eco Chic Outdoor Challenge

Mission: Discover your inner self by participating in “The Hollywood Eco Chic Outdoor Challenge”. Improve upon a healthy lifestyle, journey into increased positivity, and discover the majestic Earth in your own backyard.

“While honoring the outdoors; together we will have the unlimited power to not only impact the environment but influence others.”

Date/Location: The first annual Hollywood Eco Chic Outdoor Challenge will begin, in the United States and Canada, on May 5, 2010. The goal of this challenge is to bring a diversified Earth together to create awareness to the outdoors. Through the proper utilization of new-age social media resources, the optimism is that the challenge will spread across the pond to Europe and branch out to include at least thirty-six countries. The challenge will continue, based on the individuals in participation; Hollywood Eco Chic places no time limits, intervals, and forces no time restrictions upon the challenge to permit a higher rate of humanitarian involvement -- based upon the support the hope is that this challenge will sustain itself each year, beginning each spring.

Eco-Challenge Reminders: The Hollywood Eco Chic Outdoor Challenge should be thought of as a family affair, including pets if you so wish to bring and pick up after them. Participation within this event will be based solely on your preferences; no less than thirty minutes is recommended as a minimum for each outdoor trek, at a minimum of three days per week. The challenge is fully aware that some may wish to spend a few hours each day, seven days a week on the event; however individual health is also noted as a possible issue for some. You will not be required to voyage far from your normal surroundings but it is recommended to take a route never taken before on foot, each time. Some may wish to go hiking on trails and within National Parks, parents may wish to take their young-ones to a park, others may want to bicycle; that creativity is up to you. Remember to pack water for each outdoor outing as well as any other items for your family; including a basic First Aid Kit and snacks for the little ones. Also remember to be as environmentally friendly and aware as possible, this may include making notes about what your local community may do differently to sustain a local environmental impact; as small as planting vegetation in barren areas. Hollywood Eco Chic asks you to share this challenge with everyone, using any means that you have at your fingertips and gather everyone to make this a team experience. All participants need to remember this challenge is about the individual’s appreciation for the environment and the utilization of all of the human senses. Have fun and be safe, knowing fully that it is our Earth that is our reward; together we can make a difference. Sharing is strongly encouraged within the associated Facebook Group. This is a non-profit event.

Eco-Challenge Restrictions: For the Hollywood Eco Chic Outdoor Challenge please consider the beautiful eco-system around you, and leave the Internet behind while outdoors. Each participant is encouraged to bring along a digital camera so to share their experience through photography; photos can be uploaded to a photo-sharing platform of choice once back indoors and shared with other participants -- photography sharing is encouraged on the Hollywood Eco Chic Outdoor Challenge Facebook Group. Photos of strong artistic traits will be properly credited, with detail, and placed in a memory album for the year; if time allows. Please remember this is a family-encouraged event, so please keep shared photography “family friendly”. Mobile phones, of course, are permissible for “emergency use” and encouraged for emergency purposes only; there shall be no texting or Internet, regardless of age. Notebook computers with connect cards and other technology devices of this nature are not permitted while participating in the challenge outdoors. It is asked that you appreciate the Earth with all of your senses, so mobile music devices are only permitted for antsy children; however, attempt to break the reliance on technology and turn the outdoors into a learning experience the Earth and teaching your children will be in your hands (if you wish turn it into a fairy adventure for young children) -- portable video games and DVD players are not permissible by any means on this journey into the outdoors around you. Pick up your trash along the way and attempt to do without that cigarette, if not possible; pick up the butt aware of fires.

Disclosure Statement: The first annual Hollywood Eco Chic Outdoor Challenge as detailed above is a non-profit event. [1] If you would like to sponsor the event, a 125x125 badge is required with a $100 donation to the environmental charity of choice; proof of donation will be needed to reserve your spot and sent to the email address below. If you would like me to donate for you, proof of that will be sent to your electronic mailing address within 7-10 business days. These donations will be arranged only in special circumstances. A list of reputable environmental charities will be listed on the page, if you would like to suggest one please contact me by email and allow 3-5 days for research to be made. [2] If you are an eco-friendly environmental charity, please send your 125x125 badge, remembering space is limited. Please provide links and all professional details for me to review; promptly. [3] Any other contact may be made at the address below. When using the electronic mail option, please add "Eco Outdoor Challenge" to the subject line.
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